Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Make a Game Plan for the Unknown

I get a kick out of the folks who freak out about knowing or not knowing what the workout of the day is in advance.  I was talking to some folks the other day about it and realized that sometimes I actually miss not knowing.  You see, at CrossFit Palo Alto, Tim, Graeme and I get together every four weeks and program an entire four week cycle of workouts.  We know what the strength skills will be, what the WODs are and if or when we've done them in the past.  Por ejemplo, I knew last week's 2k row was coming three weeks before it happened, and man! talk about anxiety with that kind of lead up.  I think that sometimes it's better to not know. 

Of course we like to be prepared.  We like to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead so that we can be ready for it, and if we were to suck at it, we would practice it like crazy ahead of time (I would never even dream to think that anyone would ever think of cherry-picking the workouts if they knew them in advance).  But isn't the idea to be ready for anything?  To practice what we suck at so that if we need to call upon it, the skill is there?  Sometimes, isn't it good to surprise ourselves? 

This week was full of great examples.  Halloween's WOD was awesome.  How many people approached us as soon as they walked in the door to ask, "What are 'Headless Horsemen, Green Slimy Grasshoppers and Cauldron Jumps?'" (We love you guys.)  But sometimes you get to know when you get to know.  Everyone is in the same boat at one point or another.  Our mindset going into workouts primes us for dealing with the task ahead.  The more relaxed we are about it, the more we understand the concepts, the better off we are.  So how can you prepare yourself in advance for something you can't foresee?  You gotta get your head right before you walk in the door.  I thought it was great timing when I found this diagram yesterday.

I love this!  If I were a smarty computer gal, I'd draw circles over my favorite points.  And with the original author's permission, add something about drinking water and getting sleep.  Can you guess what my fav's are?


  1. T, I love this post, both what you wrote, and also this genius, genius diagram. I both want to know and not know, all the time.

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog and the title made me smile! ;) I really like your writing too. Hope your doing well and I'm really glad your still rocking Crossfit full steam ahead!